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The answer lies in its versatility regarding its utility. Download Aptoide Apk it has a broad and diverse range of utility starting with business marketing, communication, entertainment and even media. It is also used for stress relief. Don’t you feel like playing your favorite game or listen to music when everything feels overwhelming? It surely is relaxing, isn’t it?

Do Mobile Apps Play A Role In Online Marketing?

Mobile apps are like bread and butter for online marketing and are the ultimate method of any successful marketing strategy. That being. Said, it is not surprising that smartphone users spend nearly 86 % time on mobile apps than websites (Source) and the percentage is still rising. Mobile apps have not only increased click-through rates through in-app and push notifications but also give immense freedom to personalization and designing to developers who have a positive impact on the aesthetic appeal.


How to Play Gun Mayhem Unblocked game in iPhone

Gun Mayhem is one of the top game that can be played in 2018 and the trend in the Q1 of 2019 is also going. In this game a match starts between the player and the bot. Each player will have 3 to 5 life. Every time when the opposite enemy kills us our life will be decreased. In this way if we got killed for 5 time our game will be over and the enemy will win the match. In this game when a match starts there will be a Life limit for each and every match like say for 3 life's or for 5 life's. Many of the users wants this gun mayhem 3 on their mobile phones & mainly on iphone. So for them we are providing this article on how to play the Gun Mayhem in iPhone.

How to Play Gun Mayhem Unblocked in iPhone

If you are more familiar with the iPhone then you will simple understand this process if not see our steps completely and know about it.

Method 1: Using an Third Party app to Play .Swf Files.

Method 2: Using Direct Download from App Store

This is how we can download and use the gun mayhem game on iphone with these 2 methods. We recommend you to use the second method because it doesn't require any other apps to play the game.


Benefits of the Helium 10 Amazon Software

Regularly evolving technology has become a very essential part of our lives. Every day a new technology is invented or launched. The newer technologies are becoming part of our daily lives and they are taking the market to another new level. People are getting used to all the new technologies. Technologies are helping in the grown and development of any nation. Technology combined with the internet is ruling the world. There is everything possible with the help of technology. From shopping things for a home to buying a home, everything thing can be done using the internet and technologies.

Business around the world is growing and new businesses are being established. To improve sales and making business moiré successful people are using different Helium 10 Amazon Software is one of the software used for sales. Helium 10 is research software for amazon sellers, Increase Amazon sales using Helium 10 Software. This tool has several features including keyword tracking. Keyword research, product research, refunds, competitor spying listing optimization and a lot more.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a software that is created with a purpose to help sellers on Amazon in evaluating the competition finding the product idea and automatically track their success with the ranking of the keyboard. It is a powerful tool for the Amazon sellers and the best part about this software is that it is all in one solution for the sellers on Amazon. It is a reliable tool that can be very helpful in finding the keywords, optimizing the list of the products, increasing the sale and increasing and evaluating the profit. This software contains many tools that can be used by Amazon Sellers to easily find the trending and highest ranking keywords. It can be very beneficial to fully optimize any product listing, Spying on the competitors and increasing the sale of the brand or the seller.

Helium 10 Amazon Software is one of its kind. It can help the seller to look deeper into the market and research the ideas to validate the ideas. Helium 10, as the name itself, says it has more than 10 tools for the amazon sellers that can be very helpful in increasing the sales and can make a huge profit without making many efforts. It is easy and helpful.

Features of the Helium 10 

Helium 10 comes with several benefits and Advantages. Here we are discussing some of its main features:

Listing Optimization:   This tool can help anyone in optimizing and building product listing within no time. This can be very helpful in raising the value of the product and can list the product on the top of the page.

Product research:   A seller can uncover the winning product idea to find the most effective products with Helium 10 Amazon Software

Keyword tracking and research:   Any seller can use highly profitable keywords to find potential customers. One can also find the crowd-pulling keywords to bring more traffic to the listing. The most amazing part is that one can easily track the keywords including their ranks, by gaining Amazon Badges and many other things.

Spying the Competitor: With this tool, one can find the competitors and the competition strategy just by discovering the exact keywords which are ranking and they can follow the strategy and can create a better strategy.



If someone had told you 10 years ago that their job was a nursing Informatics clinical project manager or clinical Informatics specialist, I know you would be surprised. This specialty in nursing has become popular in the last 10 years and will grow continuously as nursing becomes integrated into the world or information technology.


If you want to get genuine information on nurse Informatics roles, project management, career guides and others, the HIMSS and American nurses Informatics websites are two great websites to visit. Long term care facilities may start you with salaries of 60,000 dollars per annum. Those on consulting may earn up to 127,000 dollars. There is a great potential for nurse entrepreneurs. If you have an interest in this field and you already have a background in health info technology, I will encourage you to step up your interest. The demand for specialists in nursing Informatics will continue to grow as the health care industry moves to automate it's records. The best resource for new technological advancement will be nurses.


They will be an integral part of healthcare reform, be part of software development and the design of equipment that is critical to our profession. This will also ensure the safety of our patients/clients. Nurses must endeavor to learn more about this technology. It will enable us to do our jobs efficiently and effectively. If you want more information regarding a career for nurses, you can visit to know a little about your next career move.


several opportunities exist in health information technology. They can be found in
-acute care facilities
-private companies /vendors
-long term care organisations
-independent contractor i.e consulting,  soft ware design.
-carryibg out training programmes
At times a nursing Informatics job may appear as other job titles.
-clinical analysts.  -health care system analysts  -projevt manager  -system implementation specialist -nurse clinic consultant  -RN informsation system.


Cyber crime is gradually replacing the trafficking of drugs. Investigations by government has shown that cyber crime has overtaken illicit drug trade as one of the sources of ill gotten gains worth hundreds of millions of dollars all over the world. When it started, the internet was seen as something that will be utilized as an important tool for scientific research. We underestimated it's potential and this led to little or no efforts in ensuring its protection.

Private Information

Today, news outlets all over the world report the massive theft of private information of individuals all over the world. Thousands of bank accounts have been depleted due to the efforts of criminal elements who have used their little investments in an internet connected computer to perpetrate crime thereby changing the landscape of criminal investigation. A research survey carried out showed that eight million Americans have had their identity stolen.

Sherlock Holmes born Dr Edward locard (1877-1966) is one of the pioneers in forensic evidence investigation. He was the one who brought up the phrase "every contact leaves a trace" as a basic principle of forensic science.



Locard's theory believes that since the perpetrator of a crime had contact with objects in the scene of a crime, there would be a trace. In the world of cyber crime, the crime scene is in cyber space and not a physical structure.This brings us to the question, does locard's exchange principle apply in cyber crime? Detectives with expertise in digital crime believes it does. A hacker can gain access to computer systems which may be secure. A secure system with a software to protect it against such invasions. A secure system can only delay the hacker. A persistent hacker will eventually be able to get into the system.



The infiltrator of a cyber crime will leave no trace of his activities. The evidence of a trace electronically may be present. The computer's file access logs if accessed may show that the file has been penetrated. It may even show a network transmission. There is also possibility that an analysis of the hard drive may reveal any activity linked to the network operations. Finally, the examiner may try to find out if there was an unauthorized entry by checking the access logs of the internet service provider. This will help to prove that data was lifted from the network. The effects of globalization is enormous. It has touched every aspect of our lives. However, most of its impact has been felt via technology.



We can see it's effects on food engineering, food production and even urbanization.The theft of trade secrets is becoming common. This shows that private information and cash are not the only targets of cyber crime. Industrial espionage is a threat that is growing. It is a serious threat to the economy and national security of the United States and the countries. Recent revelations by intelligence agencies show that countries like China and Russia are involved in cyber espionage. Their goal is to steal trade secrets that has been developed via research by brilliant minds. These secrets are stolen in seconds and sold to competitors.



The cyber exchange principle may apply to cyber crime. If a computer or server is examined, there may be signs of an invasion. This might make the investigator to decide that another computer may be involved in the crime. Physical signs present in a crime scene such as finger prints, foot prints or physiological fluids may not be left behind by the hacker. The electronic activity that happened may present valuable evidence to show that a cyber crime has occurred. This means that locard's principle must be engraved on our minds as we seek clues to what an invaded computer holds. Cyber crime is serious. An estimate of about 114 million dollars was taken by cyber criminals in 2011 from about 431 million adults.

Our Team

This information was gotten from one of the top security software manufacturer.


This show how serious the problem of cyber crime has become.


The word globalization means different things to different people.


Even though it has existed for a long time, it has become more visible.




Some see it as the movement of people, language, ideas and products around the world(IMF,2012), others think that it involves the multinational corporations dominating the world leading to the destruction of cultural identities. Many people view globalization with contempt, hate and are auspicious of its spread. While others feel it is a beneficial process (IMF 2012). The truth remains that globalization has been with us for ages. It isn't place so fast that it is obvious to everyone. It has come with lots of goodies and positive things it has also brough negative things too.


One of the biggest fruits of globalization is the technological revolution. The technology aspect of globalization may be seen as the biggest success or threat to humans depending on the way we utilize it in theaters to come. Technology has placed us in a position whereby nobody will want to go back to the past. Things such as airplanes, mobile phones, air conditioners, laptops, cars etc have given life a meaning with the value and luxury they provide. The impact of the internet is also mind blowing. People are closer to each other than before,

Problems In Education

Information can be gotten at the click of a button. The impact of technology in all spheres of life is huge.This can be seen in education whereby technology has improved the way we learn. But we can also argue that technology can not fix all the problems in education The invention of new technologies has also led to substitution. This means that there are new and improved substitutes in the market that can replace the materials being used years ago. An example is the use of better roofing materials compare to asbestos and zinc.

While technology

While technology has made the world a better place, it has raised safety concerns. People are getting afraid of the effects of technology more machines are replacing humans in the work place. The use of nuclear technology is raising concerns about safety of people living near such plants. The gap between the rich and poor has continued to widen because the rich are getting creating more wealth using technology. Genetically modified food, environmental disasters, climate change are all negative effects that technology brings.


The food we eat is not left out. The number of obese people in the world has increased. Food habits have changed leading to health problems and an increase in obesity. Globalization has helped in ensuring that we have more types of food with better tastes. This doesn't hide the fact that food sold in the market may not be healthy for us. Genetically modified food is becoming common. The use of pesticides and modified crops to deal with the problem is leaving us with food that has less quality. Another effect of globalization is a phenomenon known as mcdonalization of the society. This was defined by George ritzer (1993) as the process in which the principles of fast food restaurants are coming to dominate society.


Globalization has led to an increase in the number of fast food restaurants. People prefer the restaurants because they think it saves time and costs less. This has led to a lot of people eating foods that are unhealthy leading to an increase in obesity and health issues. Urbanization has also been affected by globalization. This has led to the world being unified at an incredible pace. This cuts across all sectors such as transportation, music, cultural trends, fashion, arts etc. Lifestyles have started to change. Art works, music, fashion, and the latest products can be brought anywhere in the world. We must not lose sight of what is happening. Cultures are being eroded, social values are being lost,


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